The Bunbury Trotting Club has partnership agreements with a number of well-known and reputable businesses both local and national and based on our knowledge of your company and services we are keen to engage in a business partnership with your company that will foresee a beneficial and rewarding outcome for all.

We generally have 8 races with a possible 12 horses in each (sometimes we are given a 9th race nominations permitting). Each of the trainers of these horses are given a race book which would contain your logo or should you wish an advertisement, which you are welcome to change as often as you need to. Also most of the patrons purchase a race book and sponsors are given a race book.
There is also the newly installed automatic timing giant screen at the finish line which is able to show your advert or logo.

We hold trials once a week on a Wednesday with an average attendance of 25 horses, with usually a couple of trainers and stable hands per horse, we are also open to the general public on trial days. At all of these events along with our many other non-race day events your signage will be visible.


  • Signage rights to the one spot at the back straight and one sign in the Parade Ring area. You may choose to also install other signage around the facilities including the hospitality areas. (signwriting costs will be additional to this sponsorship package and the responsibility of the sponsor) which will be viewed on Sky Channel as well as by the on-course patrons at 28 race meetings in a 12 month period;
  • Hospitality for 30 people as guests of the President on a night of your choosing including complimentary parking, admission and a race book per person and a mystery bet;
  • Opportunity for a representative from your company to participate in the trackside trophy presentation;
  • 250 Donaldson Park admission passes printed with your logo as well as the Bunbury Trotting Club logo to be distributed at your discretion to give your staff and clients ect;
  • The race names allocated to your company will be seen on Sky Channel and on wall cards in every WA TAB and PubTab as well as in the TABForm race and form guide information for the race meeting;
  • One 1/4 page race book advertisement at each of 28 race meetings in the season with the front cover and one full page advertisement inside the race book;
  • Your company logo and name appearing in all local promotional advertising, i.e. newspaper and radio, leading up to the feature race meeting as well as Racing Radio advertisements prior to the race meeting;
  • A large advertisement to be shown at various times throughout the race meeting on the new massive semaphore board at the finish line.

Option One

The value of this sponsorship package for the 2017-2018 season commences on the 1st August 2017 is set at $3 300 (incl GST).

Option Two

A commitment from your business to enter into a three year sponsorship term for the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 will secure the sponsorship at a reduced price per annum such that the annual value of this sponsorship package for the determined three year period is set at $2 475 (incl GST). Contra arrangements are acceptable for payment rather than cash or a part cash part contra should you wish.

Option Three

The signage only option as follows;
$1 000 per year (incl gs) No function included in this package. Contra arrangements are acceptable for this option.

Option Four

The race book ad option, $50 for a half page ad in any general racebook. $250 for full page ad on exclusive nights such as New Year’s Eve or Bunbury Cup.

Option Five

The race name option $150 for any general race day. $500 for a race name on exclusive nights such as New Year’s Eve or Bunbury Cup.

For more information please do not hesitate to phone

Jonathan Calver
Business Manager,
Bunbury Trotting Club
Telephone: (08) 6319 2106

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