RACE DATES 2020-21

The Bunbury Trotting Club will conduct 30 race meetings at Donaldson Park throughout the season which commences on 1 August each year and concludes on 31st July the following year.

All of these race meetings are broadcast nationally on Sky Racing Channel hitting every TAB Agency and PubTab in Australia as well as the homes and business premises of pay-for-use Foxtel customers.

September 2020 Sat 12th  
  Sat 26th  
October 2020 Sat 10th  
  Sat 24th  
November 2020 Fri 13th  
  Sat 21st  
  Fri 27th  
December 2020 Tue 8th  
  Sat 19th  
  Thur 31st  
February 2021 Sat 13th  
March 2021 Fri 5th  

Season continues to 

28 August 2021

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